Teams – Varsity

Emely Angulo Competition, Football & Basketball
Kalie Byrd Football & Basketball
Sydni Chambers Football
Trinity Chandler Competition & Football
Kensie Cimo Competition & Football
Lindsey Currie Basketball
Jamiya Dumes Basketball
Alyson Ethridge Competition
Ally Findlay Competition & Football
Makiya Hillman Football & Basketball
Denise Ionescu Competition
Hailey Jackson Football
Lauren Johnson Competition & Basketball
Cameron Johnson Football & Basketball
Amanda Jones Competition
Ettame Malobe Football & Basketball
Michal McAlpine Competition & Basketball
Katherine McClain Basketball
Zakarrias McKnight Football & Basketball
Alexa Moore Competition
Aria Pettaway Competition & Basketball
Cabryn Pinson Competition, Football & Basketball
Dasha Rogers Football & Basketball
Emily Salling Competition & Basketball
Jmya Scott Football & Basketball
Kerry Smethers Competition & Football
Leen Mikealeigh Stanford Competition
Cristina Taylor Competition
Katelyn Vincent Football & Basketball
Jasmin Wade Football
Alexis Walker Competition & Basketball
Madison White Competition & Football
Aaliyah Williams Basketball


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