22-23 Tryout Application NOW AVAILABLE! Due April 15th!

Our tryouts for the upcoming 2022-2023 season will be held April 18th-22nd from 5-7pm in the CHHS Main Gym! Before you can try out, here are a few things you’ll need to complete:

  1. Completed Tryout Application
  2. Updated Physical uploaded into your Rank One Account (RankOne Instructions)
  3. Teacher Recommendations forwarded to ALL current teachers –>  https://forms.gle/CPYP8xk6QNckTTjW8
    1. This is a NEW requirement for tryouts! If you do NOT have all 6 teacher recommendations for tryouts by April 15th, you are at risk of not being able to tryout. Please make sure this gets done & sent to teachers ASAP!! 

All items on the above list are due by Friday April 15th!! Do not wait until the last minute to complete! We do not want to have to turn anyone away from Tryouts for missing items. 

Interest Meeting Slideshow <– here is all the info from the meeting if you weren’t able to join us, or need a quick refresher. Here is also the Tryout Flyer that was handed out in a more condensed version.

A few FAQs:

  1. If I am traveling this summer, can I still tryout?
    1. YES! Summer practices are excused for travel. Absences will start counting August 1st. 
  2. If I put JV and Varsity on my application, are you going to put me on JV?
    1. We know that everyone’s top team is Varsity. However, if you only select varsity as a 9-11th grader, and do not score high enough for that team, you run the risk of not cheering at all. We highly encourage you to put all teams you are eligible for.
  3. Do I have to have tumbling/experience to be a cheerleader?
    1. For spirit cheer? No – we will teach you cheer basics at tryouts. For competition cheer – tumbling is definitely a HUGE asset to the team and you will be required to have a backhandspring prior to the start of the season, and be in a tumbling class at least 1x per week. 
  4. Can you cheer on more than one team?
    1. You can cheer on as many as you want! Be sure to look at the schedules and make sure you are ready to commit – it gets busy! 
  5. Can I quit after tryouts?
    1. Tryouts are a grueling process, and people WILL get cut. If you tryout, it is assumed that you are committing to the entirety of the season at that point. If you decide in July you don’t want to cheer, you have taken the spot of someone who really wanted it. So please be 100% sure you are committed BEFORE tryouts start. 
  6. What can I do to prepare for tryouts?
    1. Start a workout program NOW! Cheerleading is more physically demanding than people realize. Start perfecting motions, do some research on what proper motions look like, and practice in a mirror or on video to see if you are doing it correctly. Tumbling classes are always a bonus, and get with friends to practice together! We will teach you all the material that you need during tryout week 🙂

If you think of any other questions, please feel free to send Coach B an email at katie.birkhead@gcpsk12.org! 

See you all in a few weeks!! 

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