Important Information about Try-Outs and Physicals!!!

  • If your daughter has had a sports physical this year (must be dated 2017) AND a copy of the physical was provided to you, you may use what you already have provided that the pages of the results are contiguous. The results may NOT be a originals or photo copies of multiple pages unless the pages are bound (ie: see the four (4) page sample provided to you at the meeting tonight). The physical must be presented in “book” style format, no multiple pages can be accepted.
  • If your daughter needs a physical, they are being offered in the Field House of the high school on Wednesday, April 26 beginning at 2:30 pm. The cost for the physical is $15.00 and payment may be made by cash or check payable to CHHS Athletics.
  • If you will be attending the physical at the high school, they will keep the original for on site file but you MUST have the physician sign the acknowledgement and bring the acknowledgement with you to tryouts. Remember – no physical, no try-outs! If you need a copy of the acknowledgement, one will be uploaded to the website ( by tomorrow evening.
  • Rising 9th graders – Provided your daughter tries out and is selected for one or more squads, the following is what is allowable under the current structure of the program and participation seasons:
    • Freshman may try out for JV and Varsity Competition, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball.
    • If a Freshman cheers on a competitive squad (either JV or Varsity), they may NOT cheer for any football as the seasons overlap.
    • Freshman who participate in another school sport that competes during the same season as either football or basketball may cheer for one or the other; otherwise, football and basketball squads are one in the same.
    • Freshman spirit squads (football and basketball) are for freshman sports only. Freshman will not be placed on JV or Varsity spirit squads.
  • Competitive cheerleaders may not cheer for JV Football as the seasons overlap.
  • The only Competitive cheerleader eligible to cheer football is for a Sophomore, Junior or Senior to be selected to cheer on the Varsity Football squad.

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